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When my husband and I started on this journey in 2006, I found it was easy to research the science of PGD, but what I really wanted to hear was the patient's perspective.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Symptoms in the two week wait

Day eleven after embryo transfer

It is now eleven days after my embryo transfer.  On this day, on cycle three I did a pregnancy test with a sensitive test, and it had a really faint second line.  It is therefore tempting to do one, but I am not going to until day 14 (two days before my hospital recommend, but day 14 is what some other hospitals say).  I have to be restrained because the TV cameras are coming for the test, and I can't act.  I would spoil their documentary, if I already had done it before they got here.


Many people have been asking me how I'm feeling, and if I have been getting any symptoms that might mean I am pregnant.

I think it is pretty much impossible not to analyse every twinge and potential pregnancy symptom.  When you have suffered from fertility problems for years, you are often quite in tune with your body and sometimes you can tell if you feel a bit different.  It is dangerous to pay too much attention to changes in your body however, as you may gets your hopes up and then get them dashed.  That doesn't stop me or most other IVFers (according to other blogs I read) watching out for symptoms.  Another thing IVFers ought to be aware of, is that the medication can give you symptoms, which could easily be mistaken for pregnancy symptoms.

Lots of symptoms that you get from pregnancy are because of the hormones.  Whether or not I am pregnant, I do know that my projesterone and oestogen are higher than normal, because of the medication I am on.  This could lead to me getting over excited about changes that I notice.

I have had a couple of cycles where I felt absolutely nothing.  E.g. cycle 5.  On cycle three, when I became pregnant with Dexter,  I felt nothing most of the time, but felt really sick for one night (day 7 after embryo transfer).
Having given all the downsides of over analysis of symptoms, I will now tell you what changes I have noticed.  I am only human after all.

The first two to three days after the embryos were transferred, I noticed that I was feeling queasy and had quite a few tiny little crampy feelings in my uterus.  The feeling queasy must either be coincidence or perhaps something to do with the HCG trigger injection.  I am sure I wouldn't be feeling sick because of pregnancy, at that early stage before the embryo has even had time to implant.  I was however pleased that the cramps meant it seemed like something was going on. It makes me think that at least one of the embryos carried on growing and was still doing something three days after embryo transfer.  That might mean one of them made it to blastocyst.

Since then I haven't had the crampy feelings. Steve however has been getting hopeful, as I keep being really tired and laying on the sofa, almost falling asleep in the middle of the day.  Daytime tiredness is a symptom of Myotonic dystrophy with which I do suffer, but it is true, I have been more tired than normal.  Of course, there could be another explanation, I haven't been sleeping that well and we have had a busy few months, so perhaps it is all catching up with me.

Finally, yesterday I had a really bad nosebleed (not normal for me).  It was a bad one, the expression Steve used, as he ran to get me tissues was "it's pouring!".  Obviously, afterwards I had to google early pregnancy and nosebleeds.  It seems they are more likely in pregnancy, however on the website I was looking at, it talked about pregnancy hormones and of course my medication means I am full of projesterone and oestrogen.  Perhaps the medication is therefore the cause.  It did cross my mind that the blood thinning drugs like clexane and aspirin might have something to do with it.  If I start to have more, I'll call the hospital.  I won't call them yet, seeing as it is probably a one off though.

Of those small things the only one that gives me some hope is that I was feeling things going on in my uterus three days after transfer.  The rest I think don't mean anything.  Lets hope if one was still growing, that it managed to grab on and is now starting to turn into a fetus.


  1. It's so hard to tell, and it's so hard to stop yourself from analysing everything and nothing. I really hope for some good news for you guys and want to wish you masses of good luck for the test.
    Thinking of you
    Angela xx

  2. Do think its possible to feel absolutely nothing after an IVF transfer, and two weeks later, get a positive result on a pregnancy test? I never feel anything at all during my two week wait. No cramps, barely any twinges at all.


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